Make a Plan for Conflict

representing downward spiral of conflict

 Conflict is a part of our lives and making a plan is important. A resolution to conflict is important because of the results —  fighting, arguing, division, individuality, broken relationships and murder. Obviously, there is no peace when there is […]

What are the 5 Great Commission Verses?

great commission, verses, passages, jesus last words

Did you know there are 5 Great Commission Verses? You probably are already familiar with them, but like me didn’t realize they go together. If we desire to take part in God’s plan then knowing the full instructions is very important. […]

Why is there death?

life and death imagery, bright sunlight and gloomy dark

One of the biggest questions we ask is where did life come from? And that leads to the question why is there death?

What do we become when we follow Jesus?

clay potter hands, change

Become Mark is the shortest Gospel narrative and this is where I started reading the other day as I made some coffee. I found a printed bible and a pen. Where to start reading? Jesus is everything for me, so […]

Spiritual Turning Point – that changed everything

close up of feet walking on wood plank path in woods

We are all are on a spiritual path, from those that deny there is a spiritual world to those that deny the physical world.