Why is there death?

life and death imagery, bright sunlight and gloomy dark

One of the biggest questions we ask is where did life come from? And that leads to the question why is there death?

The Lost Coin

Greek coin from time of Jesus

A story is engaging.  Jesus told many parables or stories that illustrated a truth.

Learn from the Garden of Gethsamne – Part 2

praying hands by albrecht durer

The Will of Christ It seems what Jesus wanted was in conflict with God, but this was not the case. We can see that Jesus had a will of his own, who would want to be arrested and killed?

Learn from the Garden of Gethsamane – part 1

praying hands by albrecht durer

In Matthew 26 verse 39 we read that Jesus prayed in a human way before the triumph on the cross. What was He doing in the garden? Why was He having trouble? How was He God and man in this intense moment?