Popular Quote, David and Golaith

Quotes are popular and powerful to get people to think and act upon the word of God.

Popular opinions, though, can be different than the Truth in the Bible. I’d like to write about a quote I have seen and hope connecting it to the Bible will be helpful.
The quote is about David and Goliath:

“Sometimes God brings a goliath in your life, so you find the David in you.”

There are variations and each has this basic idea.

God’s Power

It is easy and we are all guilty of using our own power and self-glory for victories. This quote seems to be doing that. ‘God thinks you’re great like David and you can defeat the goliath in your life.’

The quote is most likely done with good intentions. It’s is easy to focus on self, so it seems very important to clarify what we are saying. We don’t want to fall into self-glorification which is the opposite of faith. The reality is God is the Great one and can use anyone. He does this through his power not ours, we only need to recognize this and make ourselves available to Him.

There is a contrast in the story of David and Goliath, self-power and God’s power. Elijah was a prophet that did many amazing miracles. James 5:17 says, he is a man like us and prayed to God. When people tried to praise Peter after a miracle he said, “I am only a man myself.” (Acts 10:26)

God’s Power

There is another contrast to look at, self glory and God’s glory.

When a goliath is in our lives it is an opportunity for God to get praise. Goliath was taking the glory for himself, and David saw this. Everyone there who saw Goliath said, “he is defying Israel”. (1 Sam 17:25) David said, “he is defying the armies of the living God.” (1 Sam 17:26)

Let us not do the same as Goliath and Israel and think about our glory. Instead, when the glory of God is absent do as David did, focus on God receiving the praise. Jesus taught us to pray for God’s name to be Holy not profaned. Focus on God, not self.

I’ve gone through big sins, consequences, and hurts in my life that seemed like giants. By faith, I have had victories focusing on God’s power and God’s glory. I am in one right now and it helps to have an eternal perspective to persevere.

We can trust in God’s faithfulness to help us and focus on his power. And know that God’s goal is to get glory in difficult situations.

“Giants. We must face them. Yet we need not face them alone. Focus first, and most, on God.” Max Lucado

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