Today is a good day…

We all learn to say, “who can escape the power of the grave?” “Eat, drink, for tomorrow we die.”This is nothing new and there are many who say this not realizing there is more to hear.

If there were any day to consider something different, today is the day.

If we look at what we can see and then listen to its Creator we will know the way to life.

In the beginning God, created the heavens and earth, and man and women. There was no separation between man and God. For how can life be separate from its creator? Adam and eve, though, rejected God, not listening to Gods instructions. So, rejecting God was rejecting life. God pronounced this curse or consequence to them, “for dust you are and to dust you will return.”

First, we learn from the beginning the power of life is more powerful than the power of death. And God holds that power. If that is the case why give into death without a thought otherwise.

We know life and death are here but they are in opposition. It’s illogical, life can have no end yet it does.

So, following the logic then we must reconnect to the life giver.

It’s very simple, who can enter into God’s presence but “the one who has a clean hands a pure heart?” God is good, has justice not allowing sin to be with him.

Again we can look at his creation and see that there is no darkness in light.

But death is within us so much we cannot see how it can be otherwise. This is why we need the words of God to reveal what is true. We need to hear, change our mind about everything and believe. “It’s impossible to please God without faith.” Faith comes by hearing.

Sin is what is in the way of reconnecting with God, we do what is wrong and we cannot stop. We cannot be pure enough to reconnect with a holy God. Sin separates, yes, and our state is, “we are dead in our sin.”

There is nothing we can do, so what did God do? In grace He sent his son Jesus who was like us – human – but pure and righteous to take our sin, darkness and death on himself.

Jesus has the “authority to lay down his life and has the authority to take it up again.” Death could not hold Him, the creator of life.

Jesus said “even though you die you will live.” Believe in me and you will have eternal life.

So, to reconnect with God we unite ourselves to Christ through faith. Instead of dying in sin – we die with Christ who took the sin on himself in our place. Then God can forgive our sins. Then we live with Christ, “life swallows up death”. We are able to enter heaven given eternal bodies.

You may ask about the confusion of death being final. But think on this: What is an existence after death when there is no connection to life – God? I plead with you on Christ’s behalf – you don’t want to find out – “be reconciled with God.”

So, today is a good day to consider and decide if you believe in Jesus’ death and resurrection for the forgiveness of your sins. And know that death will be no more and you will live with Christ even though you die.

Amen and Amen

“Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the Glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”

Quoted a few verses in the Bible , will need to go back and state where they can be found.

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